50 years of real estate investing for wealth creation.

Investing in multi-family real estate since 1969

Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc is a real estate investment company headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

We focus on long-term value creation and cash flow returns for our clients. The portfolio’s residential multi-family assets are located in the western United States. Our investment strategy attracts multi-generational investors with a desire for asset preservation and consistent cash returns on their investments.

Our Approach

A multi-family investment strategy

We are focused on generating consistent cash flow returns and creating long-term value for our clients. We achieve this by investing in a diversified portfolio of well-located, high-quality properties that are in strong demand from tenants. Our team of experienced investment professionals carefully selects properties based on a range of criteria, including location, growth potential, and market trends.


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Professional Services

Due Diligence

Our relationships with contractors, engineers, brokers, title agencies, lenders, Schroeder Investments thoroughly looks at the long-term potential of market rents, structural stability, and market conditions to underwrite conservatively allowing for stable, consistent returns.


Includes reviewing the historical financials from property leasing and operating expenses to understanding individual market dynamics, laws, and regulations. Reserves are added into the underwriting to cover up-front property enhancements and capital costs.


Through established lenders and partnership equity, Schroeder Investment Partners looks at various structures and is creative in obtaining the best rates for the best rate of return. Responsibilities include negotiating loan covenants and reviewing legal documents. Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc secures and guarantees non-recourse financing.

Asset Management

Schroeder Investment Partners continuously reviews and monitors the Community’s financial performance, including assessing risk, finding opportunities, and developing a strategy to reach financial objectives. We also pay out quarterly dividends, ensure compliance with partnership agreements, and oversee Property Management for day-to-day property operations.

Portfolio Overview

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