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Multi-Family real estate investing since 1969


Founded by experts in the real estate investment field, Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc was built from executives with over 50 years experience. Ernest Schroeder, President began investing in California multi-family real estate in 1969. Tracy Schroeder, Vice President started out in real estate development in New York city, working in condominium, hotel, and commercial developments in 2005. In 2013, Ernest and Tracy joined forces to create Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc which focuses on multi-family commercial real estate investments. Currently, Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc. has over two-hundred million dollars in assets under management.

Our team

Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc. executive team is comprised of highly experienced real estate investment professionals.  Each executive brings years of corporate experience to the team and provides knowledge in multiple facets of the real estate industry.




We invest in infill market multi-family assets with long term financial positioning creating a stable investment portfolio.



As a fiduciary, building trusting relationships with each investor is of highest importance. 



Our team has over 50 years of investment real estate experience with experience in diverse areas of the mulit-family industry.



To our team, financial reporting and investor communication is key to successful long term business relationship and trust.



We stay focused and determined to achieve optimum results for our investors.

Portfolio Overview

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